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    Sweet Potato Bun Burgers

    Sometimes a girl just needs a burger, and a lettuce wrap just isn’t going to cut it. These sweet potato buns are SO GOOD. Not only can you actually pick them up and eat them like a real burger, but they add the best flavor – it’s such a great addition.

    I also have to mention that I really enjoyed baking the burgers in the oven. I have a tendency to get distracted while BBQing (therefore burning the burgers and setting off smoke alarms), so being able to throw these in the oven and set a timer while I worked on the buns was fantastic.

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    My Thoughts On Keto

    You may have heard the terms “Keto” or “Ketogenic Diet” lately, but just in case you haven’t, let me give you a…

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    A Paleo Thanksgiving

    The holidays are creeping up on us (who am I kidding, they’re FLYING in) and I’m so excited! We’re actually decorating for…

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    Beef & Broccoli

    If you’re looking for a quick, healthy dinner that packs a flavorful punch, you have come to the right place!