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Freezer Meal Tips

I’m a BIG fan of freezer meals. However, I’ve learned a few things from trial and error, and I figured I’d save you some time!

  • While not totally necessary, I found these awesome little baggy holders on Amazon. If you’re doing a lot of prep and don’t have an extra set of hands around, these are pretty great. Check it out!
  • When it comes to slow cooker meals, unless you’re making soup, I always like to have one fresh ingredient on the day of cooking. For example, you might want to have tortillas or cauliflower rice to accompany your meal. This makes it taste fresh and feel freshly cooked.
  • Make sure you label all of your freezer meals – both the name and date. I would recommend trying to use freezer meals within 3 months. Any longer and you lose freshness.
  • On the bag, I also list the fresh ingredients that I will need the day of.
  • Keep track of the meals you have in your freezer! Everytime you add a meal to your freezer, add it to a list, whether on a white board on the freezer, or one of those magnetic note pads that you can stick to the fridge/freezer. Cross it off or erase it when you take a meal out of the freezer. Knowing what you have on hand and not having to rummage through will not only ensure that nothing goes to waste by being forgotten about, but it will make meal-time decisions much easier!
  • Keep an eye out for sales on meat! Freezer meal prepping allows you to take advantage of good deals and stock your freezer.

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