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4 Week Paleo Challenge

Welcome to the 4 Week Paleo Challenge! I’m so excited that you’re interested in joining myself and many others on this culinary journey. Our goal is to make you feel and look your best, while eating delicious meals and having fun along the way. So let’s break down what you’ll be getting yourself into…

What Is It?

The 4 Week Paleo Challenge is just that – we’re going to eat strictly Paleo for 4 weeks straight! The idea is to get back to eating real, clean food and giving our bodies a chance to detox. That being said, you know this girl LOVES her food – so I’ll be making sure we’re eating some amazing meals, recreating some of your favorite dishes with a healthy spin, and making sure that you’re never feeling deprived or hungry.

More than that, I want to show that the Paleo lifestyle is sustainable. It’s a diet that can adapt to you and your family, while making sure you don’t feel overly restricted in both the quantity and diversity of your food.

What Does the Plan Include?

  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • A Fun Community Supporting Your Journey!

Every week I will be providing you with dinner recipes for the following 6 days, as well as your comprehensive shopping list (with insider tips) to accompany it. We’re taking care of all your meal prep so you can focus on the fun parts – cooking and eating!

You’ll receive your week-long meal plan each Saturday morning and all of the recipes included will be available on my blog. If for any reason you’re not feeling a particular meal that’s listed, simply swap out that meal for any of the other Paleo recipes from the blog.

When Does it Kick Off?

We’ll be starting challenge #1 in October, giving us a chance to prep our kitchens, load up at the supermarket, and convince our friends and family to dive in with us. Because everything is easier when you have an accountability buddy, so grab yours and be sure to tag your Whisk Me Away creations on our Instagram, we’ll even be posting some of our favorite submissions on the site!

What Does it Look Like?

The meal plan includes six dinner recipes per week, allowing for one night of dining out. Additionally, the blog will continually be updated with loads of other helpful Paleo content – from Tips & Tricks to the Ultimate Paleo Guide. We’ll be helping to ensure that this lifestyle in sustainable for as long as you choose to do it, so that means snacks, restaurants, and staying Paleo on the go. Stay tuned for more of these updates!

Now when creating the dinner meal plans, I’ve tried to keep both budget and efficiency in mind. The recipes are meant for multiple people as well, as I know many are either cooking for their family or looking for easy Paleo leftovers for lunches throughout the week. In addition, I’ve also tried to include one crockpot meal in each plan, as I know everyone has one of “those” days where making dinner at the end of it is pretty much the last thing you want to do.


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