About Me

JennaLuchauHi, I’m Jenna! I am a food-loving, vintage camper revamping, crafting obsessed, traveling-crazed Montana girl that sometimes still struggles with the fact that I’m actually a grown up. I have a really hard time sitting still, and you can usually find me in my kitchen or garage, either completely immersed in my project or cleaning up the giant mess I just made from said project.

I try to live life by the 80/20 rule: I eat pretty clean and healthy for the most part, but am certainly not afraid of the occasional indulgence or “Wine & Dine.” Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to phase out certain things like dairy & gluten, and to limit sugar in my daily diet. Paleo-ish, if you will. Not necessarily because I’m allergic or sensitive to them, but because my body just feels and functions so much better without them. However, this created a new problem… I LOVE sugar and dairy, and pretty much anything with gluten in it! So what am I supposed to eat?

It became a really fun challenge for me to find a way to eat the things I wanted to, without breaking the “rules”. Pinterest became a minor addiction for me and I realized how many other people were looking for the same information I was. Brilliant!

This blog is a combination of both my own recipes, as well as some of my favorites that I have found and compiled over the years. And to be quite honest, there are many of these healthier options that I actually have come to prefer over the originals that I thought I would miss so terribly. I hope you find this blog helpful and fun! If you would like to submit your own family recipes, I would love to help you re-create some of those family favorites of yours as well!

Xoxo, Jenna