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    Avocado Smoothie

    Are you a smoothie fan? I love smoothies, but I often end up avoiding them because of the added sugar of a lot of fruits. This one may sound a little funky (and look a little green!), but I LOVE this smoothie. It’s healthy and…

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    “Snickers” Coffee Creamer

    I really love my coffee in the mornings. If I’m being honest, I really love my coffee WITH coffee creamer. I wish I didn’t like those store-bought, chemically-altered, fake ingredients creamer as much as I do, but I think they’re delicious. So finding a healthy,…

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    Watermelon Jalapeño Refresher

    If fresh watermelon doesn’t make you feel like summer is on it’s way, I don’t know what else will! Except maybe sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, flip flops… okay maybe that was a bad example.  Anywho… this refreshing drink has that “Sweet ‘n’…

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    Lemon Blueberry Coconut Cooler

    With summer coming, I’ve decided to do a “mocktail” series on the blog. If you’re looking for delicious non-alcoholic drinks, it can be hard to find ones that aren’t absolutely packed with sugar. For that reason, I’m going to come up with a few low-sugar…

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    Strawberry Cream Mimosas

    This delicious cocktail recipe makes me feel like a kid in a soda shop in the 50’s. Except better, because it involves CHAMPAGNE. It also involves no added (refined) sugar and no dairy. Print Strawberry Cream Mimosas Author Jenna Luchau Ingredients 12 oz frozen raspberries…

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    Watermelon Ginger Basil Sangria

    I’m “borrowing” this recipe from my friend Michelle over at The Lucky Penny Blog. This sangria looked so amazing to me that I went on the hunt for watermelon in March (not an easy task) and visited three grocery stores before I found one. And yes,…