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    Paleo Cashew Chicken

    I love any Paleo recipe that tastes like a cheat meal and this Cashew Chicken recipe is certainly one of them! In fact, we actually ordered Cashew Chicken from a Chinese restaurant recently, and it wasn’t nearly as good as this one. This is also…

  • Chicken, Food, Freezer Meals, Meat

    Chicken Enchiladas

    This is one of my mama’s recipes! A Mama Montana Original. It’s one of my favorites and one that I make often when I’m either feeding a lot of people, or need to prep something ahead of time (or both). They make great freezer meals, and…

  • Chicken, Crockpot, Food

    Thai Chicken Curry

    I probably made this dish about four separate times over the course of a month, and you know what? Still one of my favorites. I love slow cooker meals to begin with, but this one has such an amazing, unique flavor that makes it so…

  • Chicken, Food, Meat, Pasta

    Chicken & Bacon Alfredo Bake

    Any sort of Paleo “pasta” immediately tops my new favorites list! I’ve always loved white sauce pasta, even though it’s typically much less healthy than red sauce. I won’t promise you that this tastes just like alfredo, but I do love this pasta bake! The…

  • Beef, Chicken, Crockpot, Food, Meat, Soups

    Paleo Crockpot Chili

    There’s something about fall that makes me just want to bust out my Crockpot and cozy up by a fire. I love slow cookers for so many reasons: They cook while you’re out! Coming home to a ready-to-eat meal is amazing! They make excellent freezer…

  • Chicken, Food, Meat

    Strawberry Basil Chicken

    Since I do so much cooking and blogging, often my friends will hear me say something like: “Do you want to come over and hang out? I’m cooking for the blog, so I’ll make you dinner, but I have to photograph it first!” My friends…