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  • small and large energy clearing spray bottle

    Energy Clearing Sprays

    I love to DIY just about anything I can! I recently started making my own energy clearing sprays and, at the risk of tooting my own horn, they’re pretty great! Check Out My Energy Sprays on Etsy!

  • Dessert, Food, Projects

    Rocket Ship Birthday Cake

    While I would certainly not consider myself a cake decorator, I definitely have had some fun with it in the past. So when my niece decided she wanted a rocket ship cake for her space-themed 3rd birthday party, how could I say no? However, I…

  • Projects

    Vintage Campers: The Beginning

    If you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes with me, I’ve probably started talking about my vintage camper at some point. It’s safe to say – I’m obsessed! Like many of my projects, it all started on Pinterest. I stumbled across a vintage camper that…