Jenna’s Favorites

Aside from just recipes, there are a lot of great products that I use regularly that I love to share with my friends! Below are some of my favorites, in no particular category.

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I recently started taking collagen supplements, and so far, I’m a big fan! Our bodies stop producing collagen somewhere between the ages of 25-30, but it doesn’t mean we stop needing it. It helps with clear, younger-looking skin, bone strength, joint health, and more. I turned 30 this year, and as if on cue, my skin started freaking out. Just in the first month of taking these supplements, I received a ton of compliments on my skin (and hair!) and I can see and feel a difference. These typically come in a tub, but I have them in single-serve packets as well, so they’re easy to travel with or just throw in your purse or car. This one is tasteless, so you can easily add it to your coffee, tea, etc.

Green Juice

I love having a green juice every day. From a nutrition standpoint, most of us do not get that kind of dense nutrition throughout the day. Kickstarting your metabolism with a ton of fresh veggies is a great way to get a huge dose of nutrition in the morning. For me, it’s just not realistic to juice fresh vegetables every single morning, so being able to buy it in powder form is ahhh-mazing!

If you’re looking to buy a tub, this one in particular is Paleo and Keto friendly, and contains pre- and probiotics, so you’re getting quite a lot in one little shake. I also really love the taste of 310 Juice. If you’re looking for individual packets for an on-the-go option, try these!

310 Protein Shakes

I love protein shakes. Sometimes I will use them for breakfast or a snack, and I almost always have one after a workout. It took me quite a while to find one that I could fully get behind – first I switched to vegan shakes (most are made with whey, which is dairy), but then I realized there was a ton of sugar and carbs in most of them. I found 310 shakes in the last year, and so far, they are my favorite! They are not astronomically priced, like some, and they hit all my checkmarks: no dairy,  no soy, no gluten, no added sugar, and they’re even nut and egg free. On top of that, they only have about 2g net carbs, so if you’re doing keto or watching what you eat, they are a great supplement! 

Mini Blender

This is another “must” for me. I always travel with mine, and I’m that girl that brings her blender into the office. Honestly though, it’s all I use at home as well. It’s easy to use and clean, and you can use the blender bottle as a drinking cup as well, which means you’re dirtying less dishes.

In my experience, most shakes taste much better blended than they do just shaken. Of course, you can also do fresh smoothies, healthy frappuccinos, etc.  Sometimes I’ll add in my collagen or green juice powder and pack it all in one super-healthy shake.

310 Lemonade

Can you tell I’m digging this company? They also have lemonades, which I am a BIG fan of. Not only are they full of electrolytes (always great, but especially if you’re doing keto), but they also help balance your body’s pH levels and work as an appetite suppressant as well, which works great for me when I get the afternoon munchies and am trying to hold off until dinner. Recently I’ve been working out a lot (and therefore sweating a lot), and have been getting headaches. I’ve found that it’s usually because I’m deficient in something, and drinking a 310 lemonade with electrolytes really helps to replenish what I’ve sweated out. And of course, they have no added sugar and only 10 calories. Honestly, sometimes I just really need a flavored drink that isn’t soda or any artificial crap, so these fill that void!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Every morning, about 30 minutes after I take my collagen supplement, I mix 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it. ACV has SO many health benefits. It can help regulate blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, help your skin, reduces blood pressure, and can even reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. There are a ton more uses for it as well (including sunburns and allergies), so this is a fantastic thing to always have stocked in your home! I love this brand, as it is organic and raw, which are both great things.

Workout Bands

These little things may not look like much, but boy, do they pack a punch! I’ve been using these in my workouts lately and they are amazing. I travel a lot, so being able to throw these in my suitcase and know that I’m still going to get a great workout, without having to worry about heavy weights, is wonderful.

Lately, I’ve been using these in conjunction with the 80 Day Obsession program on BeachBody, and I highly recommend! You can also look up a ton of different workouts on YouTube with them – anything from arms, to booty, to legs.

Beachbody on Demand

I LOVE working out at home. My biggest excuse for not going to the gym was always ‘time’. While I knew that wasn’t a great excuse, I knew that by the time I got ready, drove through traffic, parked, put away my things, untangled my earbuds, actually got a workout in, and then did it all in reverse, I was spending about two and a half hours trying to do a one hour workout. It was really easy for me to skip a workout. Beachbody on Demand (BOD) to the rescue! I have the online membership, which means I can try any program that they have, wherever and whenever I want – 80 Day Obsession (my current fave), 21 Day Fix, Insanity, P90X and so many more. It became a game changer for me. The best part is that it’s only $99 for an entire year, and even with a cheap gym membership, you can’t beat that. I went from hating the thought of working out, to doing it six times a week, which I never thought I’d say!