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    Meal Plans

    Keto Paleo 5-Day Meal Plan

    Clean Keto I’m a big fan of the keto diet when it comes to slimming down. However, it can be really challenging to find keto recipes that are also clean and dairy-free. Since dairy is a good source of fat, most keto recipes I find…

  • Chicken, Food, Meat

    Paleo Cashew Chicken

    I love any Paleo recipe that tastes like a cheat meal and this Cashew Chicken recipe is certainly one of them! In fact, we actually ordered Cashew Chicken from a Chinese restaurant recently, and it wasn’t nearly as good as this one. This is also…

  • Fish & Seafood, Food, Meat

    Paleo & Keto Sushi

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m doing paleo, I really miss being able to go out for sushi. Like, really, really miss it. I procrastinated creating this recipe at first, because I wasn’t sure I would find the cauliflower rice a decent substitute…

  • Baked Goods, Breakfast, Food

    Keto Bagels

    For anyone who might be trying keto, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is being able to have dairy. I try to eat it in small amounts, but it is wonderful having cheese again. One of my favorite discoveries has…